The iiLAB (ilimi Innovation Lab) is A.D.U’s innovation and entrepreneurship hub committed to empower University Young Leaders by providing and connecting them with tools, resources, networks and support to scale up their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. The iiLab is an active member of the RESAEN (the national network of Nigerien incubators) and runs two programmes. Business Innovation and Social Innovation and Change Initiative Programme.

The iiLab offers a unique opportunity for A.D.U. students to contribute to the economic and social development by bringing innovative solutions to the economic and social challenges faced by their communities.


Our Programs


The Bridge Program is an exciting initiative aimed at introducing first-year students to entrepreneurship through a series of practical sessions on design thinking. During this program, students discover the five essential stages of design thinking and put them into practice by working on group projects.

Our approach, focused on learning through practice, allows students to develop essential skills in collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to innovate, experiment, and take risks to develop original solutions to real problems.

At the end of the program, students have the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of experts, university staff, and alumni. This presentation is an opportunity for students to showcase their communication, presentation, and idea defense skills.

The Bridge Program is a unique opportunity for first-year students to develop essential entrepreneurial skills that will help them succeed in the business world and become tomorrow’s leaders. We are proud to offer a practical and immersive experience that inspires innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.


Our pre-incubation program has provided students with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to become successful and agile entrepreneurs. We are proud to play a role in empowering the next generation of business leaders and contributing to the creation of a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Capstone is an exciting final project program intended for young leaders in their undergraduate year at A.D.U. who wish to explore their passion for entrepreneurship. The program provides a unique opportunity for students to put into practice the entrepreneurial knowledge they have acquired throughout their university journey at A.D.U.

Capstone offered our students a rich entrepreneurial experience that allowed them to develop key skills in collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership.


Ilimi Market is a market dedicated to entrepreneurs within the ADU community and beyond, providing a space where they can showcase and sell their innovative products. The purpose of this event is to create a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs, where they can interact with real customers, establish business relationships, and strengthen their professional network. By offering a platform to showcase their products, Ilimi Market provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote their brand and grow their business.


Fada is a space for young entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas on various topics related to entrepreneurship. This initiative provides a platform for open discussion and questioning of established norms and beliefs, allowing for a realistic discussion of the challenges of entrepreneurship, without the usual romanticism. Over the first seven episodes, iFada has brought together hundreds of young people to discuss a wide range of topics, promoting the exchange of knowledge and broadening perspectives.


The Ilimi Annual Innovation Award is an event that aims to reward students in the community who have shown remarkable entrepreneurial initiative and leadership. This prestigious event highlights the exceptional achievements of young entrepreneurs from A.D.U. and their contribution to innovation and economic development in their community. The awards are given to students who have demonstrated their commitment to entrepreneurship, their business acumen, and their ability to make a difference in their field. By providing recognition and public celebration of these young leaders, the Ilimi Annual Innovation Award helps inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the community.


Our business and social innovation support programs are at the core of our mission. We have developed customized programs to assist our young leaders in transforming their ideas into sustainable and prosperous businesses, while also having a positive social and environmental impact. We also provide access to a wide network of experts, investors, and mentors to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a business.

In addition to our support programs, we also organize regular events to inspire and connect students with thought leaders, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs.

We are proud to support a community of young leaders who share our vision of a better, more sustainable, and more equitable world. We believe that innovative ideas can change the world, and we are committed to providing young leaders with the means to realize their entrepreneurial potential.

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