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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

About A.D.U.

The African Development University (ADU) is an innovative, not-for-profit university whose mission is to prepare the most talented young people in Niger and Africa to design and drive the development of their nations as effective ethical leaders  in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. A.D.U. is the first non-profit university located in Niamey, Niger, and the first institution to offer a world-class education to students from the Sahel region….

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We warmly welcome new members into the ILIMI community each year, and we work closely with them to develop them into Ethical leaders and community change agents. 1000 people are not worth 1 young leader. Study and develop through a remarkable educational experience and community service. Any young person should have the fantastic and distinctive experience of attending A.D.U.

A.D.U. Advantage

A.D.U. is based on the premise that almost all the obstacles to Niger’s development can be associated with a lack of leadership. That’s why our students prepare for global leadership through bilingual learning and academic instruction. Our multidisciplinary program: modeled on the best learning materials at Harvard, combines the liberal arts with Management, Law and Technology.

Tuition and Scholarship

A.D.U. offers Scholarship for talented student who are experiencing economic and social hardship so that they will be able to achieve their goals and impact their community. The Scholarships available are: the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program; Corporate Scholarship Program; Presidential Scholarship Program and the A.D.U Financial Aid Program.

Culture Diversity

15 + Countries Represented.

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program

The African development University  has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation in its global Scholars’ Program: an educational initiative that provides academically talented young people from economically disadvantaged communities in Niger and the rest of Africa with access to quality university education.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at A.D.U. provides full-cost scholarships to young Africans who are first-time undergraduate first degree-seeking applicants. The scholarships ensure a premium educational package that will produce graduates whose qualifications are internationally recognised and locally applicable, and whose transition into the workforce is underpinned by values of engaged citizenship and social justice.

These scholarships cover the full period of study and are renewable annually subject to satisfactory performance and participation in the activities and opportunities offered by the programme. Successful candidates will be required to commit themselves to returning to their home countries and to invest their gained skills and education in their country’s social and economic growth.

Selection criteria:

  • Academically talented – value learning and are driven to complete their education.
  • Economically disadvantaged – facing significant financial barriers to completing their education.
  • Committed to giving back – investing in their communities, using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired.
  • Future leaders – committed to embracing ethical leadership and making a positive change in their home communities.

Undergraduate Programs

BA. Law
BA. Management (Project, Accounting)
BSc. Artificial Inteligence

Graduate Programs

MBA Business Administration
MA. Law

English Language Programs

English for Specific Purpose
TOEFL Preparation
Kader kaneye

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Your donation make a significant impact on the education and research opportunities we can provide to our students and faculty. Your generosity can support scholarships, research projects, and innovative programs that prepare our students for success in their future careers.

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