A.D.U. is more than an academic institution, we are a community that thrives on friendship, togetherness, family values, honesty, and excellence. Therefore, we carefully curate the experience of our students by not only offering them the support that they require on campus but in building a lifelong engagement with them.

As a fresh, young, and vibrant campus, students will find lots of opportunities for them to become better leaders and to explore their different areas of personal and professional interests. Ultimately, students who thrive at A.D.U. are self-driven, innovative, curious, and actively engage across different activities that are not only prepared for them but which they also initiate, manage, and drive its implementation.

Also, our Non-Academic Affairs department at A.D.U. caters to all aspects of student life and success including career services, coaching and mentoring, Ilimi Innovation Lab (iiLAB), women leadership center, club activities and alumni affairs amongst.