Ilimi Innovation Lab (iiLAB)

Ilimi Innovation Lab (iiLAB) is A.D.U.’s innovation and entrepreneurship center which is committed to empowering the next generation of business leaders and our young leaders by connecting them with tools, resources, networks, support and funding to catalyze change, amplify their impact, as well as scale their innovative and entrepreneurial projects.

Innovative Approach

• Ideation – prototype – scale
• Design thinking sessions for rapid prototyping.
• Lean startup methodology.
• MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship.
• Co-working lab and maker space for innovation and collaboration.
• Access to grants and funding.
• Access to seasoned entrepreneurial mentoring and support.

Haoua Oumarou, President of #YoungLeaders


Haoua Sty is a formidable social entrepreneur. During an operation to distribute Covid-19 anti-vaccine kits, she noticed that physical contact with the hand washing device carried a risk of contamination and immediately thought of an alternative solution.

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Initiative Impact+ was then put in place to avoid the risk of contamination and provide unwavering support to the government in this period of fear and health emergency. In record time, the project managed to set up hand washing devices that could be activated with the foot.

Feycal Saidou Moussa

City Links

City Links aims to be a reference in the field of logistics, transport, and tourism by offering unrivaled service in class, style, comfort, and safety. While City Links commenced operations with just one car, it has now grown to own a fleet of 3 cars with the potentials of scaling.

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The business is also solving the pain point of addressing logistics surrounding sending and receiving of goods in Niger and aims to fill this gap through innovative thinking as well as a customer-centric approach.

Aichatou Mahamane

Talit Design

Talit Design's mission is at the forefront of promoting traditional Nigerien loincloths, universalize the wearing of jewelry made with traditional Nigerian loincloths, promote Nigerien culture, as well as provide job

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opportunities for young people in the arts, craft and creative sector through an infusion of tech-based solutions for merchandising. Talit Design aims to show people that through its innovative and culture infused designs, you can be chic and classy... even with a traditional loincloth.

Yacouba Hama Abdoul Raouf


Niger, a country in sub-Saharan Africa with a population of just over 21 million, is greatly affected by the issue of erratic power supply. Its electricity deficit is complex and persistent

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with only 5% of the population in rural areas has access to electricity, even though these populations represent more than 80% of Niger's population. Haske is a social enterprise that is focused on electrifying rural and underserved communities through the use of safe and renewable energy in the form of biogas.

Abdoul-Rachid Maman Kadad

Sahel Solar Energy Academy

Rachid is from the Kagame Cohort at A.D.U. and he currently works on the project called Sahel Solar Academy. Rachid had this idea since childhood in the village but only had the opportunity to try to realize it after joining A.D.U.

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Sahel Solar Academy aims to be a learning center for young people living in rural areas, allowing them to create a solar solution in their villages. SSA intends to grow into an incubator and training center in solar panel maintenance and solar power plant maintenance, installation and manufacturing for all young Sahelian people. According to him “our FabLab project aims to illuminate Africa with solar energy, making the sun a blessing.”

Yasmina Daouda.

Y Design

YDesign is a startup that opts for the manufacture of accessories, and in the decoration of houses.

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Our vision is to make YDesign a reference company in Africa, in terms of decoration in the next 10 years. The mission of YDesign is to bring to women and men accessories designed entirely by hand by people who use their time, their brains and their love to give an image. YDesign also wants through decoration to create atmosphere in homes.

Rayanatou Mama

Hidden Pearl

Since she was a child, Rayanatou's dream was to become a stylist and influencer. Modernizing Muslim women's clothing to integrate them into the world of fashion was her first plan for a start.

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But how to undertake and change the world or a discourse still being on the benches?That's how she learned that at A.D.U. there is a department dedicated to students with projects, the iilab. Rayanatou then launched herself a few months ago after a theoretical experiment received. The project was then named Hidden Pearl.