Niger is a rapidly growing country of 20 million people, and we seek to help create a future in which talented and ethical young people will have the education and mindset to bring food, clean water, healthcare, and dignity to their fellow citizens.

85% of Nigerien citizens report that they never feel unsafe walking in their neighborhoods. This is the highest perceived safety of all 36 countries that participated in the 2014/2015 Afrobarometer Survey.
Adult (ages 15+) literacy rate: 19.1% Adults in Niger possessing a higher education degree: 1-2% Average gross enrollment rate, tertiary, for both sexes: 1.71%, compared to 8.95% regionally Percentage of government expenditure on tertiary education: 13.9% (Regional Rank: 33/48)
Population: 20 milion Oil: more than 1,200 million potential barrels of oil Gas: more than 17 billion m3 potential gas production Solar: more than 6 kWh/m2/day; highest sunlight rate on the planet Mining: World’s 4th leading producer of uranium; 9 billion tons of iron; sub-soil contains uranium, coal, iron, gold, phosphate, salt, limestone, gypsum; more than 500 free permits Agriculture: 15 billion hectares of arable land